meet my little eye

I was born blind in my right eye. I have always been a little self conscious about the fact that it is smaller than my good eye (which isn’t really that good of an eye because I have pretty poor vision in that one too!) but when I was dating my husband he started calling it my “little eye” and that stuck. Whenever people find out I have poor eyesight but work in such a vision driven field they are shocked. For the longest time I would get pretty embarrassed and just shrug it off. I didn’t want anyone to let my eyesight get in the way of how they viewed my work. I wanted to just be viewed like everyone else. But over time I have begun to realize that I am not who i am today despite of my eye, I am who I am BECAUSE of my eye. Yes I have limitations but I don’t let those limitations keep me from chasing my dreams and pursuing my passions. I think we all have our own “little eye” in a sense and I am here to tell you to never let that get in the way of you doing what you love.